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Why choose Maxen for your documentation?

It’s not a job you can give to just anyone. Creating great documentation takes focused planning, strong research skills and very specific experience and expertise. It’s also Maxen’s core business.
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    Feature Article

    Moving your documentation online


    The uptake of cloud services and mobile devices means that there’s never been a better time to consider moving your paper-based documentation online. There are, however, some important things you should consider before making your decision. This article discusses why simply converting your existing paper-based documentation into PDF or HTML is not true online documentation—plan and repurpose your existing print-based content to make your move to online documentation a success.

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    (HTML): Maxen Article Jan 2015 portable (PDF): Maxen Article Jan 2015

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    Get your Document Project Started

    Creating great documentation involves a lot more than just writing. Where do you start? What information and resources do you need? Who is the target audience and what are their reading levels?

    A comprehensive plan developed by documentation specialists with considerable experience and expertise can answer all of these questions and provides the road map to make your document project a success.

    So, where do you start? That’s easy—contact Maxen today and let us help you with the other questions.



  • Compare the Maxen Difference

    I need:

    > someone who specialises in the complete document development process…

    > a breakdown of all tasks, resources and costs for my document project…

    > to know what level of expertise I’m getting before I commit to a contract…

    > someone who can provide guidance on the best approach…

    > continuity for future documentation updates and changes…


Planning + Experience + Expertise = Great Documentation

That’s the Maxen difference.