Our Approach

Maxen’s approach to documentation means that you benefit through a combination of dedicated professionals with the right skills and experience, solid planning and project flexibility.    

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    Documentation Professionals—not General Contractors

    When you engage with Maxen, you’ll be assigned a dedicated professional equipped with the planning & research skills and specific experience and expertise required to create great documentation.

    If you hire from a typcial agency, you may not know exactly what skills the contractor has until you’ve committed to the contract.

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    Prior Preparation and Planning…

    Most documentation projects that fail are the result of a poor or non-existent plan.

    We always start a documentation project with a comprehensive plan.

    This way, you and Maxen will know everything that has to be done, by who and in what sequence.

    We can also accurately cost the project, which helps with your budget planning and prevents unwanted surprises down the track.


  • Graphic showing the flexibility of Maxen projects - you only pay when we are working for you

    Project Flexibility

    When we plan your documentation project, we break it down into logical blocks of work.

    This approach gives you great flexibility. You can opt to complete the whole project in one stretch, or in stages; you may also have internal resources with the right skills to complete some tasks, while Maxen works on the more specialised blocks.

    With our approach, you only pay when there’s a block of work for us to do. Conversely, a typical agency contract covers a fixed term and may require you to pay for the contractor even when there’s no work.