Our Services

  • Document Project Planning

    Some organisations have internal resources with the skills to write documentation, but need help identifying all the additional tasks needed to ensure that the finished document isn’t just written, but effective.

    If this is you then consider Maxen’s Document Project Planning service.

    We’ll provide you with a tailored project plan, based on our extensive experience, that you can then use to create a budget, identify gaps and assign the right resources.

  • Graphic showing an electronic reader sitting on top of two company manuals

    Business & Technical Writing

    Maxen plans and develops documentation for business and various technical fields.

    Types of documentation include:

    > document templates,
    > policies and procedures manuals,
    > user and operating guides,
    > forms and data collection instruments,
    > regulatory compliance documents,
    > and more.

    We work in both industry- and open-standard document formats as needed.

  • Graphic showing a technical training slide on a projector screen

    Training Materials

    Employee training is essential to the operation of any organisation.

    Well-designed training materials support the process of training delivery & learning and can make your training programs more effective.

    Maxen plans and develops materials to support your organsation’s training needs, including: Competency and Learning Outcome specifications; facilitator guides and learner workbooks; slide packages; training videos; and interactive learning tools.

  • Examples of graphics that Maxen can produce

    Diagrams & Graphics

    Effective diagrams and graphics can greatly enhance your procedural and operational documentation.

    They are also valuable for communicating information in multilingual environments.

    Maxen produces diagrams, illustrations and interactive operation simulations suitable for use in both printed and screen-based documentation, using open standards wherever possible.

  • Photograph showing paper documents flowing into a laptop computer

    Transition to Online Documentation

    Maxen can help you transition your existing information into electronic form. Electronic documentation offers many advantages.

    Your printing, distribution and maintenance costs drop significantly. Employees get instant access to current information via a range of desk-based and mobile devices.

    You can also secure the information so that only authorised people have access.